Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visionary Activist (2)

I'm going to be on this show again, February 23 at 2pm PST, Pacifica Radio. If you can't get it, the sound file will be on the KPFA wed site. The file for the previous show is here:http://www.coyotenetworknews.com/productcart/pc/radioshow.htm#20111222

Friday, January 6, 2012

Visionary Activist

I was on Caroline Casey's show The Visionary Activist last month, talking about the weird stuff in Night of the Jaguar. If you want to hear it, look in the archive for the 22 December 11 show, on KPFA.org.

Anyone interested in taking my course, Writing the Thriller, at the Sedona Arts Center, should sign up now, because I'm informed enrollment is zoo to close. Again, the link is

The current book is rolling along and should be done in mid-February. It'll be interesting to see if the Bad Novel was a mere glitch or if I've permanently lost my ability to produce publishable novels. Stay tuned.