Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finished the book

I just shipped this thing. I started it in Vermont on May 18, 2011, so it's been almost exactly nine months. I think it has more of a chance of being accepted than the last one, since it's much more in my usual line. Doesn't have a title yet, I call it the Mexico book. It's set in coastal Michoacan and it's about the cartels, and Mexico and culture and history and mixed heritage people, the usual. We shall see.

The writing course I taught at Sedona went pretty well, I thought, although it was something of a strain to get to the place. We're thinking of trying to organize a course over Skype, to pull more people in and make it easier for me to do, although it's never going to be like the real thing.

I'll be on Caroline Casey's radio show, Visionary Activist, tomorrow, Thursday, February 23, at 2pm, PST. KPFA in San Francisco. It streams on their website, if you can't listen live.


Brent Calgary said...

Yes! That's great news - really looking forward to it's appearance in the book market! It must be a rather large weight off your shoulders Michael (from what you've said, I'd place the odds of it not being accepted as being quite infinitesimal).

Anonymous said...

One vote here for a Skype class or e-course or whatever you come up with - would have loved to go to Sedona but couldn't do it, and would be very interested in a course that doesn't involve travel.
Can't wait to see the new book.... :)

Unknown said...

Michael, I haven't logged on in a while and seem to have missed the entire book-rejection episode. I'm so sorry. I've had magazine pieces (even good ones) rejected, and it's awful. Having a book kicked back must be unspeakable. I'm a very strong fan of yours; most recently deeply impressed with Good Son. And I hope the new book will be well received. I can't wait to read it. Be of good cheer. Michael Goodwin